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Common A/C Problems

Your Air Conditioner has a hard time keeping your house cool:
Possible Cause: Explanation:
Refrigerant Your refrigerant could be low or leaking. Our trained technicians can repair the leak and recharge the system.
Check your thermostat to make sure it is set properly and it is reading the correct temperature.
Check your unit's drain to make sure it isn't clogged.
A clogged filter restricts airflow through the unit, decreasing its efficiency and reducing its ability to effectively cool the air.

Your A/C isn't turning on:
Possible Cause: Explanation:
A breaker is by design to prevent an overload to a circuit. Although a breaker that continues to throw itself off could be simply a faulty breaker, it is best to call Castle Air in this case as something in the A/C unit may be over heating and will cause additional further damage if left untreated.
Electric Control
Your compressor and fan controls could be worn out from having your system turn off and on too frequently. Call Castle Air and our trained technicians will check your unit's electrical connections.
Thermostat Make sure your thermostat is working -- it might need new batteries or might need to be replaced entirely.

Limited Air Flow:
Possible Cause: Explanation:
Your ducts could be leaking air or be clogged or constricted. Work with a professional to clean and air seal your ducts.
A clogged filter restricts airflow through the unit, decreasing the efficiency and reducing the ability to effectively cool the air.

Water from my A/C is leaking into my house: The warm air that is removed from your house blows over the evaporator coils. This causes condensation, similar to water droplets that form on a glass of cold water on a hot day. Your A/C system returns this water outside through a drain, but sometimes problems develop and it leaks into the house.
Possible Cause: Remedy:
Clogged condensation
drain line
Clean the condensation drain line, or call Castle Air.
Damaged or
rusted drain pan
Call Castle Air.
Dirty Air Filter Replace the Air Filter.
Low Refrigerant/Freon Call Castle Air.
Something is
wrong with your
Call Castle Air.
Your A/C is
This is caused by:
  • A filter that is too restrictive
  • Not enough return ducts
  • Improperly sized or damaged ductwork
  • Dirty evaporator coils

Call Castle Air to fix all of these problems, and return your system to its peak efficiency!

Our CAIR Tips contain special information compiled by
Castle Air to help you get the most out of your A/C System